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29 June 2015


Why should I use a Tax Agent instead of the ATO's Etax or MyTax?



People often query why they should pay for a Tax Agent when they can just use the ATO’s free tax software such as Etax.



Let’s start with Etax. Clients have stated that they find Etax confusing, cumbersome and time consuming. Unless you understand all the technical terms and jargon, then it’s likely that you will miss out on extra deductions and tax offsets. When you lodge your tax return via Etax or MyTax, you are essentially on your own. There’s very limited support from the ATO and if you make a mistake, you are on your own with ATO auditors.



Using a Tax Agent ensures that you maximise your tax deductions, are guided on what deductions you can claim next year, and gives you peace of mind that your tax return is done accurately. We are here to support you through any ATO correspondence and we can lodge amendments for you.



Yes, Etax and Mytax are free, but for a fee as little as $66, Platinum Accounting Brisbane may be able to save you far more in tax, and a lot less stress.

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