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4 October 2017


When do I need to lodge my

2016/2017 tax return?


Most Individual Tax Returns are due by 31 October, 2017 before late lodgement

penalties are imposed by the ATO.

By registering and lodging your tax return through a Registered Tax Agent

(like Platinum Accounting Brisbane), you could extend your deadline.


To qualify for an extension to lodge your tax return, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • register with a tax agent such as Platinum Accounting Brisbane BEFORE 31 October, 2017

  • have no outstanding tax returns for previous years

  • have no outstanding Centrelink or Child Support debts.


Do you have overdue tax returns?

Stressed about the years of tax returns you haven’t lodged?

Burying your head in the sand?

Anxious about the consequences the ATO may impose on you?

Let us take the burden off you. We can work through your jumble of documents, give you the right advice and liaise with the ATO on your behalf to negotiate extensions of deadlines and apply to waiver late lodgement penalties.

We have advised numerous clients with many years of outstanding tax returns. They have been distressed and have avoided lodging their tax returns for fear of accumulating penalties. In many cases the client has, in fact, been pleasantly surprised to discover they have had large amounts of refunds owing to them all this time!

Contact us at 07 3272 5476 or via our website to see how we can help you get up to date with the ATO too.

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